Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five Years of Blogging and 'Seema's Corner'

Seema's Corner completed 5 years on 20th January, 2011. My first post was a few lines about my daughter 6 days before her first birthday and hoping that she was with me. The heading was 'How I Wish' and was written when she was away from me for a few months even before she was a year old. I was working and due to some sudden circumstances, there was no one to take care of her when I was in office, so I had to send her to my parents to take care of her. As any parent would know, it is not easy to be away from a child who is just a few months old. So my first post on my blog was thus inspired by motherhood and influenced by love as well as pain.

Seema's Corner still writes 'In the land of thoughts, dreams, wishes and introspection.'

I have already mentioned in the post One year of blogging... one year of 'Seema's Corner' what went behind starting this blog. Today, I only want to thank and express my gratitude towards all those friends whom I have come to known during these five years because of this blog or because of blogging; towards all those people who have read my blog, given me their time, comments, suggestions and helped me grow and evolve as an individual; towards all those friends who are still unknown faces, whom I have never met but who have enriched my life and thoughts in many ways; towards my old friends and family members who have been by my side always, in all good and bad times, and have been a part of 'Seema's Corner'.

Now before this starts looking like a 'Thank You' note, all I want to say is that the posts on the last 5 years have been quite random. Hopefully, along with the random topics, photographs, etc. I would start posting on some other topics pertaining to my subject and research areas as well. Do keep checking :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earthquake on 19th Jan 2011

I just felt the tremors. Yes, it was an earthquake !! It was a little before 2 a.m. on 19th Jan. in the Delhi region. By the time I could go out of the house with my daughter, who was sleeping, it was over. I do not know yet where was the epicenter and what effect this earthquake has had. However, it did last for a few seconds. Hope all is well.