Thursday, February 23, 2006

Art: 'After Study'

Title : 'AFTER STUDY' (1997)
Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi Award at the state level
17th Annual Students’ Art Exhibition, Jaipur, 1997.
This is a digital photograph of one of my awarded artwork when I was in college - this photograph taken now almost eight years after it was awarded. Many thanks to the Fine Art Department of my college who kept this safe in their custody for so many years ... I recently brought it back from my college.
This is a 'collage' made of kite-paper. When I had created it, I had not expected it to last so long, at least not the colors of the colorful kite-papers. Surprisingly enough for me, it HAS lasted so long :-) . The colors might have faded somewhat but very little and is not very apparent.
Looking at this and some old artwork and paintings from my college days I feel like going back to the world of art and paintings and creativity ... maybe sometime in future life when money and job is less important than it is now !!


Vikash said...

I dont havce much idea about arts but I think its a nice collage...the book is so real...:)and pink-black backdrop selection is awesome.

abhii said...

your interested in art too ..thats nice..the kite paper collage is really good, specially the translucent effect that the thin kite paper has provided the lamp..
uve been awarded already, (;))nevertheless.. GOOD JOB!!

Seema Kumar said...

Thanks for your comments Vikash and Abhii.

This Collage is something that I did in College. This is a 'Still Life' converted to a Collage. The purpose of using kite paper was for just that - to give the translucent and layered effect.