Saturday, January 20, 2007

One year of blogging... one year of 'Seema's Corner'

Today marks one year of blogging and one year of ‘Seema’s Corner’.

Some random web-browsing, office and personal e-mails, or for some specific search, chat sometimes... that was what I mostly used the internet for. A year ago, I did not have the faintest idea what a whole new world would be opened for me through blogging. Exactly one year today when I had finally started a blog, although with no specific purpose, or topic in mind to write about. Probably just because I liked the concept of blogging. It was a place where you could publicly share your ideas, views, etc… although I was not even sure if anyone would be reading what I would write, but just for the pleasure of writing.
And why Blogger ? Just because the name seemed to be that for a Blog site!!

One year ago I
Googled for Design schools in Gurgaon and I came across this post from Ashish Kumar of Tekriti Software. ‘Tekriti’ seemed to be the short form of my daughter’s name ‘Tejal Kriti’, and Ashish’s World caught my attention first of all because of that. The blog posts were interesting and inspiring and it became a major inspiration towards starting my own blog. Gaurav’s blog was another inspiring one.

When I wrote
my first post, it was about my little daughter who was less than a year old at that time and away from me. Quite a few of my initial posts were inspired by motherhood.

And another thing that fascinated me was Hindi Blogging. I had been wondering for a long time about the ways of
how to write in Hindi on computer. I not only got some answers, but also stated my Hindi Blog, initially with the idea of sharing some of my hindi poetry written over the years. I came across lots of interesting events and people through that.
Anoop Bhargava ji’s invitation (through my Hindi Blog) to join ekavita was simply a wonderful experience as it not only brought me closer to eminent Hindi poets and contemporary Hindi poetry, it brought me in touch with many people. Knowing Anoop Bhargava ji itself is a wonderful experience and when he came to India to receive this award, I got to meet him as well as some other poets and members of ekavita group. This meeting in Gurgaon brought many people together and although I could only attend for a short while, it is a memorable occasion for me.

Special thanks to
Ravi Kamdar through whose blog I not only came to know about Hindi writing, about Hindini, but also about Narad. He was a great help in setting up my blogs and specially gave online guidance while creating my Hindi Blog. Anoop Bhargava ji’s online guidance was also a great help in learning about Baraha.

I came across many people through my blog. With some it was temporary interaction, comments and feedback, some became good friends and acquaintances. One year of blogging has given me more friends and meaningful contacts than I could have even imagined when I started this blog. I can go on and on and on about the last one year. But now I would only say that I look forward to another year of blogging, with more new things to learn and more people to know.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Congratulations :-)

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congratulations :)

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Thanks Ashish and Vikas