Thursday, May 18, 2006

India Gate in the Evening

Last week I went to India Gate with my family guests and their kids. We also went for boating there in the small pool of water that they have. There was heavy wind that evening and water from the fountain made us all wet and the kids loved it.
I had gone to India Gate for a visit after a very long time. Otherwise I see it only as as a passerby sometimes. It felt good to go there as a 'tourist' this time :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Family Time

It has been family time for me for more than a week. Lots of people at my home including kids. In fact I took a leave for two days to be with them and then it was second Saturday, so it turned out to be a long weekend. But the heat is so intense here that outings for a day or two for the guests turned into fever and sickness.

I have hardly got time to spend on the internet, other than in office and in office there has been so much work that I hardly get time for anything. Late working hours have started here as well now. I joined this company when it's new venture had not even started completely. That is why it is now good to see our efforts bearing some fruits now.. or at least approaching towards that.
Even though it was very hectic at home, it was good to take a brief break from work and start this new week afresh.

UPDATE : Some photographs of the outings are

Inside The Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon

Monday, May 01, 2006

NIFT, Mumbai Campus

These are the recent pictures of NIFT, Mumbai campus taken during my last trip to Mumbai early April. My cousin, who is studying there now took me around the new campus, part of which was to be inaugurated in a few days.

More pictures are here

This new campus is located in Khargarh, Navi Mumbai. This is very different to the temporary campus we had at Dadar, Mumbai, and for obvious reasons. It was located in a part of Tata Mills Compound, till the time the new campus came up. Although compared to the new campus, the old one was quite small, but being located in the center of the city had its advantages as well.