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My Hindi Poetry Collection "Parag Aur Pankhudiyan"- Book Release at NIFT, Chennai

Book cover of "Parag Aur Pankhudiyan"- Hindi Poetry Collection by Seema Kumar

As this book, and this post, is about my collection of Hindi poems Parag Aur Pankhudiyan, it was posted on my Hindi blog earlier. This post comes in late on my English Blog (has been in my "draft" for quite some time now). The related links on my Hindi blog have been given at the bottom of this post.

"Parag Aur Pankhudiyan" book released at NIFT, Chennai, during Hindi Pakhwada 2015

This book was released during the Valedictory function of Hindi Pakhwada (Hindi Fortnight), at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. This book was released by Dr. Anitha Manohar, Director, NIFT, Chennai, jointly with my parents, who happened be in Chennai during that time. The book is dedicated to my husband, who was also present there, along with Mr. Shailesh Bharatwasi of Hindi Yugm Publication and the faculty, staff and students of NIFT, Chennai. 

Dr. Anitha Manohar, Director, NIFT, Chennai welcomes
Mr. Shailesh Bharatwasi, Hind Yugm Publication

Dr. Anitha Manohar, Director, NIFT, Chennai welcomes
parents of Ms. Seema Kumar for book release

Seema Kumar's book "Parag Aur Pankhudiyan" released 

Hindi Poetry Collection "Parag Aur Pankhudiyan" by Seema Kumar released

Hindi Pakhwada at NIFT Chennai from 10-23 September 2015

Invitation for Valedictory Function of Hindi Pakhwada 2015, NIFT, Chennai

Hindi Poetry Collection "Parag Aur Pankhudiyan" - Book by Seema Kumar

Valedictory Function of Hindi Pakhwada, NIFT, Chennai, on 23rd September 2015

Valedictory Function and Book release at Thiruvalluvar Auditorium, NIFT, Chennai

About the Book
This book is about many unspoken words, questions and conflicts about values, tradition, modernity, love, sacrifice, rebellion, patience, ambition, etc., that she had in her mind being the eldest daughter of a middle-class family. She expresses these complex emotions and questions in simple words through her poems. She also takes up simple, seemingly mudane events and emotions and expresses them in depth in her poetry. Selections from a range of emotions expressed by her from her early ages have been compiled as Parag aur Pankhudiyaan, which the readers often feel as an expression of their own.

About the Author
Seema Kumar is professionally a designer and design faculty, with a passion for art and writing. She is a graduate (B.A.) with Drawing and Painting (Honours), Master of Design (M.Des.) with Knitwear Design, and pursuing Ph.D. (Design). Her poems have been published in poetry collections, magazines, and blogs.
According to Leonardo da Vinci, 'Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.' Art, in different forms, is her passion since childhood. She likes to draw and paint, design, juggle with words and write, giving shape to imagination in different forms and cannot imagine her existence without being a part of all these, actively or passively.

SpecificationTitle        : Parag Aur Pankhudiyan (Hindi)
Publisher: Hind Yugm
Author    : Seema Kumar
Edition    : 1
Edition Number: 1
Language: Hindi
ISBN      : 9384419168
EAN       : 9789384419165
No. of Pages: 96
Publication year : 2015
Binding        : Hardcover 

The book can be purchased from the following links: 

Though my poems have earlier been published as group collection and websites, this book Parag Aur Pankhudiyan is my first book as single author. For those who read the book and gave me the feedback, I am very thankful. For those who are yet to read, do let me know your feedback after you read the book :).

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