Friday, January 31, 2014

Eight Years of Blogging and 'Seema's Corner'

It has been eight years of blogging for me. I created this blog in January 2006 and wrote some random posts, shared some things about my life, events, thoughts, dreams, wishes and introspection. It was not on any one specific subject, but it was about some things in my world. That is why I called it 'Seema's Corner" I still write once in a while. Sometimes, the posts have been regular and frequent, at other times, less frequent. I also started my Hindi Blog named 'मेरी कृति' (Meri Kriti) in February 2006.                                                                                                                                                                                            
Seema's Corner

As years went by, I also created my website. However, I still prefer to use blogger for my blogs, for the simple reason that it is very user-friendly and I like the features that are simple to use without too much of technical know how.

I have already written some posts on my reasons and motivations behind blogging, like in this post One year of blogging... one year of 'Seema's Corner' which I wrote when I completed one year of blogging and later, on completion of five years of blogging, I wrote Five Years of Blogging and 'Seema's Corner'. So I will not repeat the same here.

I would only like to thank you all who still come back once in a while to read my blogs, to all who have come earlier to read, to all who supported me, motivated me or criticised me and taught me new things. Do keep coming back with your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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Great Job !!!