Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Save PowerPoint as High Resolution JPEG Image

I was making a PowerPoint presentation with multiple images and wanted to save ecach slide as JPEG image. However, after going to 'save as' and choosing JPEG format, I got slides saved as images but they were not hgh resolution, though the images used in the PowerPoint were of higher resolution.

When I searched google how to save PowerPoint as high resolution jpeg images, I came across these links and were really helpful:

Thanks to google and the above links for solving my problem.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Significance of Digital Platform in Apparel Product Development for Exports - Research Paper

My paper titled “Significance of Digital Platform in Apparel Product Development for Exports” has been published in JM INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT RESEARCH, Vol.- 2 ISSUE - 6, NOVEMBER, 2012. Pg. No. 407-424 and is available online on (Pg. No. 407-424 mentioned at the bottom but pg 33-50 in the downloaded PDF).

Vol.- 2 ISSUE - 6, NOVEMBER, 2012.
Digital image of journal's Front Cover.
Vol.- 2 ISSUE - 6, NOVEMBER, 2012.
Digital image of journal's Back Cover.
Given below is the abstract of the paper:

Abstract : Among the many challenges that the apparel export industry faces in 
this era of increased global competition, one is the increasing pressure on 
manufacturers to reduce new product development cost and turnaround time 
while increasing the number of options and reducing the quantum of errors at the 
sampling stage. This study aims to bring forth the changing reality of the product 
development process. It focuses on the emergence of virtual product development, 
the integration of digital platform and virtual prototyping in the apparel industry 
and the possible significant impact it can have in the process of apparel product 
development for exports to help in meeting these challenges. The objectives of this 
study are to to study the current scenario in the apparel export industry in India 
regarding the extent of usage of digital platform in the process of apparel product 
development for exports; and to study the emergence of virtual product 
development in the apparel industry and illustrate  the significant results those 
have been achieved by integrating digital platform and software in the process of 
apparel product development.  

Digital platform, Product development, Apparel Product Development for 
exports, Virtual prototyping, Virtual Product Development

The other way to access the journal is after logging in on 
Go to the end of this page link after logging in:

JMA.V-1492JMIJMR-NOVEMBER, 201226Readmore >>

Click on read more and click Book - 1
Volume Journal - 1Book1
Hope you share your feedback and comments after reading the paper. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Seema Kumar's' Facebook Page

I have a Facebook page now- I was very reluctant to join facebook in the first place. It was a school time friend of mine who insisted that I join and the only thing that lured me to join FB was to find and get in touch with some of my good old school friends who were out of touch. When I passed out of school, we did not have e-mail IDs. Some friendships survived through letter-writing and some friends who were not active letter writers got lost. 
Medium: Pen and ink on paper
(It is an old drawing which has been scanned,
therefore the  ageing shows on paper)
I did join FB and I do have a Facebook page now. When I started the page, under 'Artist, Band or Public Figure', surprisingly, there was no option for a 'Designer'. So the best option I could choose was 'Artist', and the top of Seema Kumar's Facebook Page reads: 
"Professionally a Knitwear/ Fashion Designer, an Artist at heart and Writer for the soul."

Art has been my passion since childhood, but did not get any formal art eductaion till I was a student of Bachelor of Arts (Hons.). Am a Graduate with Drawing and Painting (Honours) and English (subsidiary subject) and Master of Design (M.Des.) from National Institute of Fashion Technology (India). Professionally speaking, I am a Knitwear Designer.

The term 'Artist' has a broad meaning. I call myself an Artist, not just because I draw and paint (which I do, of course), but because Art is my passion since childhood, art in different forms. I design, I write, I like to give shape to imagination in different forms. I love to create, like all artists do – be it a garden patch, make the best out of waste materials, draw, paint, design, stitch, take photographs, juggle with words to create prose and poetry. No, I am not a master at all of these or any of these. Yet, I cannot imagine my existence without being a part of all these, actively or passively.

I create something as a mother, homemaker, employee, teacher, freelancer, entrepreneur and a social human being. I enjoy creating or doing something that is worthwhile and necessary even if that may be the most mundane of tasks and not considered the most ‘artistic’ of pursuits. For me, that is another form of art in our day to day life :)

The great master has said: 

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

I have my website and my blogs - English Blog and Hindi Blog. At one point of time, Blogs were good enough for sharing things, I think now its the Facebook page

Do visit my Facebook page, have a look and if you like the page, do not hesitate to click 'Like' and let me know your valuable feedback and comments.
Rural Sunrise: Photo by Seema Kumar

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rural Sunrise

Foggy Dawn - this is just before sunrise
What a wonderful experience to see the dawn and the sunrise, which we people living in cities miss ! Some time back I had gone to my native village, just for a day. I wanted to experience the peaceful sunrise in rural settings, the sun rising from beyond the mango orchards and the fields. I woke up early morning, at dawn and captured a few moments at dawn. I did not have SLR camera at that time, yet I just wanted to capture the mood of daybreak. Though these photographs are nothing as compared to the breathtaking view and the feeling of morning freshness that I experienced there, posting a few photographs here.  

It was winter and foggy and I can still feel the cool morning breeze when I think about that morning. Wish we  had such mornings, the dawn and sunrise views even in the cities and not just the view of the buildings and the  reflected sunlight from glass windowpanes.
Sunrise - beyond the trees

All Photos © Seema Kumar
* The photos posted here may not be of the original resolution. The resolution may have been reduced while uploading.