Thursday, December 15, 2011

Film 'WITH LOVE, DELHI!' releasing in select theaters on 16th December 2011

Theatrical release of the film WITH LOVE, DELHI! on 16th December 2011 in select cities of India in the 1st week, more centers should add from next Friday. 

Timings in select theaters for the film WITH LOVE, DELHI! given below: 

1. New Delhi, DELHI
  • PVR Select City Walk (10am)
  • DT Vasant Kunj (3.55pm)

2. Gurgaon, HARYANA
  • PVR Ambience (10am)

  • PVR Phoenix, Lower Parel (9am)
  • Movietime, Goregaon (8.30pm)

  • INOX (11.30am)

5. Indore, M.P.
(Not Available)

6. Ahmedabad, GUJARAT
(Not Available)

7. Surat, GUJARAT
(Not Available)

8. Rajkot and various cities of Gujarat
(Not Available)
Film 'With Love, Delhi!' - An intelligent thriller by IITians

There is difficulty even in getting theaters with sensible cinema like this one - we can just hope and pray that people come to know about this move, go and see this movie and love this film, recommend to friends and family and make this a big hit at these places. This will then automatically get all major cities of India for release in 2nd week, thanks in advance :)

Keep checking this blog for updates on the film WITH LOVE, DELHI! 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dezinspire: An Exhibition by B.A. – Apparel Design and Merchandising Department of IAM

You all are cordially invited to DezinspireAn Exhibition by B.A. – Apparel Design and Merchandising Department of IAM.
Logo Design by: Ms. Seema Kumar & Ms. Shalini Sharma
© Institute of Apparel Management

· Venue : Lynx 1 and 2, Ground Floor, Apparel House, Institutional Area, Sector - 44, Gurgaon - 122003.
·  Date : 7th and 8th  December 2011.

Invitation card for - Dezinspire

Dezinspire evolves from the words ‘Design’ and ‘Inspire’. 

Designs originate from inspiration. Inspiration is the fuel for new designs and creative exploration. The importance of inspiration for design cannot be denied by any designer. We can take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere – our surroundings, nature, society, culture, past, present, future expectations and aspirations. Inspiration leads us to imaginative exploration, continued innovation and unbound creativity.  

Dezinspire is an exhibition presented by B.A. – Apparel Design and Merchandising department of Institute of Apparel Management. The aim of this exhibition is to showcase students’ work inspired from different themes. Dezinspire also intends to bring out that hidden artist, that designer, that creative individual which exists within each individual in some form or the other.

Dezinspire 2011 showcases wok inspired from the past, from the moods and colours of history. Students explore the history of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Rococo, Baroque, Colourful 60s, Hip-Hop, Disco and take inspiration from there to be interpreted into different ideas and mediums. These inspirations are transformed into designs, artwork, material explorations, fashion, etc. Dezinspire 2011 presents creations in the form of art, design, photography and fashion from aspiring designers and budding creative professionals. Creativity is not limited by boundaries or mediums and you can experience the same during this exhibition.

Please circulate the invitation to your family, friends and acquaintances. Look forward to your presence at Dezinspire.