Thursday, October 13, 2011

Film WITH LOVE, DELHI! - an intelligent thriller by IITians

It is a proud and emotional moment for me when I present on my blog the first look trailer of the movie WITH LOVE, DELHI! - an intelligent thriller by IITians. It is a production of RedMat Reves Films Pvt. Ltd. The making of this movie is a dream come true for the whole team (including me), people who come from simple middle class family, but who dared to work towards big dreams - dreams do come true and as a team we did it. Now eagerly waiting for the release and its success. Do have a look at the trailer and leave your comments on the link, and please share with others if you like it .. we look forward to your support. 

What is my role in the movie ? I am the Costume Designer cum Fashion Stylist. It is a great feeling to see one's name on the movie poster: Costume Designer - Seema Kumar . More about my story later on, here we talk about the movie and the team
With Love, Delhi! - an intelligent thriller by IITians
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USP of Cast & Crew
Introducing Ashish Lal and Pariva Pranati as the lead pair, this film has its Lead Actor, Producers, Director and Writers engineers from IIT Delhi who have joined hands with some of the most talented Bollywood cast and crew viz. Padma Shri Tom Alter (2008 - for his distinguished contribution in the field of Arts), National Award Winner Seema Biswas (1996 - for Shekhar Kapur's "Bandit Queen"), veteran Kiran Kumar, National Award Winner Cameraman S.Sriram (2000 - for his film "Blindfolded"), Filmfare & Star Screen Awards Winner Editor Namarata Rao (2011 - for Love Sex Aur Dhokha & Band Baaja Baaraat respectively), a veteran music scholar Music Director Sanjoy Chowdhury and an experienced Associate Producer Ravi Sarin (2011 - awarded Best Line Producer of Delhi).

The Story Behind the Curtains
Have you seen the 3 Idiots? Are they Aamir Khan (after engineering from a top institute, teaches kids in Ladakh), Sharman Joshi (after engineering does job on his own terms) and Madhavan (after engineering opts for wildlife photography)? Yes, but that's in reel life, in real life they're Ashish Lal (Engineer from IIT Delhi - now a Film Actor), Ashutosh Matela (Engineer from IIT Delhi - now a Film Director) and Manav Vigg (Chartered Accountant - now a Film Producer)!

These 3 Idiots, sar se paun tak shudh middle class, with not a single contact in Bollywood (didn't know even a spot boy :( ), have made a full length commercial feature film: WITH LOVE, DELHI!, a suspense thriller cum romance Bollywood film. Arranging crores to match the standards of a good Bollywood film was possible only through scores and scores of friends and relatives who supported them, some with 50k to some with 20lacs but each to the best of their financial abilities. Who says people don't support, especially not financially, for passionate dreams of others, they do!

With the financial support of so many friends and relatives, a humble attempt has been made to create a quality film with a sensible and entertaining storyline. The immense support from friends and family have made this film possible and we look forward to your support to make it a huge success :) 

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Durga Pooja 2011

This year Durga Pooja for us was very quiet. We did go to see Durga Pooja on the day of Vijayadashmi. But there was no celebration, just a lot of reflection on the questions of life and death. Also reflection on topics related to life and living.. like survival, struggle, change, happiness, attitude of gratitude, and many more things related to life and beyond life. Maybe time will answer many questions.

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