Thursday, October 01, 2009

Original momentun isn't enough to keep you moving forward

Today, my table calendar reads:

"Progress in life, business, or any project comes through taking initiative and continuing to press on with new strategies, concepts and plans. The original momentun isn't enough to keep you moving forward. Your progress will grind to a halt unless you refill your engine of inspiration with the fuel of fresh ideas."

How true and inspiring !! Quotes like these are also the '"fuel" to continue to be motivated and keep going. The original moment to good to start something, but to sustain, retain, keep growing and moving forward, fresh new ideas, motivations and inspiration is always required.
In a world of negativity, I think that although sometimes it IS difficult, yet it is very important to continue to be self-motivated with things like positive thinking, speaking, listening and reading and most importantly positive self-talk (I think it works amazingly).