Friday, September 18, 2009

Overcoming Writer's Block ?

Today morning while I was driving to office, I was thinking about my current status in terms of an artist, a witer, a teacher, a blogger, etc. Too many profiles.. ? Maybe yes, but they all have to go hand in hand, simultaneously.

When I had joined IAM as Assistant Professor, I had thought I would get a lot of time to read and write and I would also be able to update my blog regularly. Contrary to that I have hardly been able to update my blog in the last one year or more. Not that I have not been able to read and write. I have read a lot, and written a lot of lectures and prepared presentations for my lectures for Apparel Merchandising, Fashion Forecasting and Product Development, Fabric Knowledge of Knits and even Design Drawing and Illustration. I have learned a lot in the process and also enjoyed while learning.

However, my writing and updating for my blog has been quite limited, rather quite negligible. Had the 'Writer's Block' effected me or I had just been too busy with other roles and responsibilities ? Whatever the cause may be, today I decided to start writing and updating my blog regularly. Whatever topic may be, I have to just be active and find time to continue writing even in my busy schedule... and instead of procastinating, I am starting today itself :)