Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today my table calendar reads:

You are a wise man today if you have learned from yesterday's blunders.

Does this indicate something ? Is this time to sit, look back and introspect and meditate a little, before moving ahead ? A need to spend some time looking within ? After all, isn't it said that the best guide and friend one can have is one's own inner self ?
This poem that got published today also has many questions.. some are too big questions I guess. But before that, there are many things, answers for many small questions that needs finding out. Maybe a little introspection for some time can help.

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Kamal Thakur said...

Nice blog Seema,

Introspection is a way of looking at ourselves. We may look at our past actions. We can look at our present thoughts. We can discover how much we are trying to hide even from our own selves. We can confront our fears and sorrows and there is seriously no limit to which we can go. Outer world is a mere reflection of what is going on in your mind..

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