Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Construction and Creation

An interesting quotation that I read today:
"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Each Moment is a Wonder

Standing by the water,
I tried to count the countelss ripples
Caused in the silent water
Just by a pebble's throw
Or even by a gentle touch.

I strived to measure
The endless waves
That kept moving towards me
And then receding
Somewhere far away..

I yearned to embrace
The faceless wind
When it effortlessly touched me
And blew my raven hair
As it moved away from me.

The sand of time
Slipped away from my tight fists
And I watched the sand particles
Scatter and spread smoothly
Grain by grain, on the floor below.

As I enjoyed the flowers in the garden
I could see that the flowers' soft petals

Shall only last for a day
And their sweet fragrance reminded
"Enjoy me, before I fade".

They all kept repeating to me
Live, love, evolve, enjoy and cherish

Each little moment that you have,
Every flake of time that floats past,
As each moment
is a wonder in itself.

- Seema Kumar
19th June, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lalyog - Specialised Yoga School for busy corporate guys & Ladies/ Children

As a young student, when I saw my brother Ashish suffering from Osteo Arthritis and 24/7 of excruciating pain, it was really sad. He was so young and doctors told him he will not be able to lift heavy weights, or do tough excercises. There seemed to be no cure. He did not accept it .. did not agree to what the doctors told him. It was not in him to give up without fighting. Even as a young student at IIT, Delhi, he went for Yoga classes, meditation and made sure not a single day was missed out. His dicsipline was admirable and so was his enthusiam. And today noone can say he ever had Osteo Arthritis.
It was late night and he was still not sleeping, was sitting upright and unable to even lie down. Was not well and was not able to breathe properly. We consulted doctors. They suggested inhalers. It was some form of Asthma. He did take inhalers, but no, that was not what he was going to do all his life like the doctors suggested. How can he live like a patient all his life? He fought again.. and won. He does not need inhalers any more !
He and his wife are both trained at different places for Yoga and meditation and they practise regularly with discipline. I have often wished that I had the same discipline towards Yoga and excercise. Even though I myself have learned Yoga, like all busy corporate people, even I have the excuse ... where is the time for all this.. at least not for daily practise !
We all are at least aware about the benifits of Yoga and regular excercise. So it was good to know that Ashish and Sarika have started Lalyog - Specialised Yoga School for busy corporate guys & Ladies/ Children.
This is what they have to say about it:

"Many corporate/ other busy people since several years have been expressing their eagerness to learn Yoga but couldn't do so due to lack of time because all courses elsewhere are of about a week at least. Capsule Course at Lalyog is a 4.5 hrs (it's a one day 4.5 hrs course) complete course covering important Pranayamas, Aasanas, Bandh, Mudra and Meditation and will suit busy men and women. Owing to more than 7 years experience in this field, we can assure that there is no such course available anywhere else in India! We both would be the trainers for this unique course."

"There is a specialised course named Weekly Course which is only for Ladies and Children (less than 10years) which will extend for 5days in a week. Sarika would be the trainer for this specialised course."

If you want to do the course in near future, you can contact on the numbers given at the end of this post. Given below is a brief about 'Lalyog' as given by Ashish:

Lalyog : gateway to a sound physical, mental & spiritual health

Yoga is our yog i.e. union with our soul! Does this statement excite you? Union with our soul is possible only after attaining a sound physical, mental and spiritual health. Hence, whether you want to be physically & mentally fit or you want to move up the spiritual ladder in your life, you ought to get excited because you’re at the right place – Lalyog!

At Lalyog, we have two types of courses each having detailed teaching of important Aasanas, Pranayamas, Bandh, Mudra and Meditation – without all these five elements, learning of Yoga is incomplete which is exactly the case with most courses elsewhere.

Course: Capsule Courses (Two per week of 4.5 hrs each)
Days & Timing: Saturday & Sunday: 7.30am – 12noon
For Whom: For busy males & females who have lack of time
· No such course available anywhere else
· Personalized training – only about 5 people in a batch
Course: Weekly Course
Days & Timing: Monday – Friday, 10.30am - 11.30am
For Whom: Only for Ladies and Children (below 10yrs)
· Specialized course for Ladies & Children by a Lady Trainer
· Personalized training – only about 5 people in a batch
Anybody can choose either the course on Saturday or Sunday; however, only ladies and children (below 10years) can do the Weekly Course. The courses would be conducted in South Delhi.

The trainers are Ashish Lal (B.Tech. from IIT Delhi) and Sarika Lal (M.Sc. in Life Sciences) and have more than 7 years of experience in all the 5 elements of Yoga. They have been trained from the Yogis of most prestigious Yoga University in India – Bihar School of Yoga as well as from other prestigious organizations viz. Art of Living, Vihangama Yoga Sansthana and Vipassana Meditation. They’ve cured themselves of incurable diseases like Osteo Arthritis (endured 3 years 24/7 of excruciating pain) and Asthma (took inhalers twice daily for several months) after being confirmed incurable from
AIIMS and Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi!

Stress release - mental and physical, very essential in this modern world.
Prevents/ cures/ reduces the suffering associated with problems like – Arthritis, Asthma, Obesity, Depression, B.P. (high/ low), Diabetes, Gastric disorders, Cardio-vascular problems etc. Surprisingly, the benefits are infinite because Yoga works on each and every used/ unused cell of your body!
Develops positive attitude towards goals of life via physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Mobile – 9811800120, 9213753803 & 9213196487
Landline – 011-40560820
Email –