Friday, April 13, 2007

More Photos of Rishikesh and Haridwar Trip

Rainbow, Rishikesh, 13th August '06

Ganges Water, 13th August '06

Sunrise, Rishikesh, 14th August '06

Thirsty Dog, Rishikesh, 14th August '06

Haridwar, 14th August, '06

These are some more photos from our Rishikesh and Haridwar Trip taken by me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Questions about life

Summer is here. The sun keeps increasing its heat day by day and people start staying indoors most of the time during the day. I often think, does the thought process get effected by the season or the climatic conditions ?

There is a strange kind of restlessness. Does everyone feels the same or is it just me ? Is it because of the season, the weather, or just an introspective nature ? I have always felt life is too short and there are so many things that need time and attention and the unfulfilled ambitions need to be fulfilled, so many other things that I would like to do.

At one time, I had almost rebelled and went to study Drawing and Painting, after being a science student, and enjoyed it. It is almost nine years now that we had our independent group exhibition of our 'Pancham Group' and the members of the group went different ways to pursue different opportunities in life. I went on to pursue my professional course at
NIFT and the related careers after that.

Few years of job and the restlessness bagan. Is this what I want from life ? Do I only need to have a full time job and trying to make ends meet, trying to find time for family and no time for things that I have always wanted to do ? What happened to art, to poetry, to thoughts about doing something for social development and lots of other things ? What happened to the girl who wrote THIS ... will it happen with the efforts that I am making towards it... or am I even on the right track ? Is life a cycle ?

Do we have answers to everything in life or is time the only answer ?