Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tejal Kriti's 2nd Birthday.. on Republic Day

26th January is India's Republic day, something we all Indians celebrate.

I now also have another reason to celebrate this day. It is also my daughter, Tejal Kriti's birthday. Yesterday was her 2nd birthday.

No, I am not going to write another post about Child Birth like last year. Nor just post her photo and wish her because she was away from me. This year, we celebrated her birthday and she was with us.

Tejal is now two years old. The pain of Child Birth has long been replaced by lots of good things and sweet memories of seeing her grow up, listening to her speaking, her effort to learn and talk about new things, etc.

Now the concerns are about things like how she is taken care of when I am away to work, what she eats, her health, what should she be learning, her games, her toys, etc. etc.

Time flies !! When I look back, it is really hard to believe that she is already two years old !


Vikas said...

time is like sand seema...u will never know when it slips from ur hand .

she is very cute

Seema Kumar said...

very true Vikas... as they say, time and tide waits for none.