Monday, January 01, 2007

Foggy 'New Year 2007' in Delhi and NCR

View through the tinted glass of my office on the afternoon on 1st Jan'07
Welcome 2007 !

The new year came with a foggy night and foggy morning on New year in Delhi and NCR. The fog was so thick that it felt as if it was still early morning or late evening. At such time one feels like staying indoors in the warmth of one's home. But we had to come to office, and we had the New Year snacks at office.

Is that the Sun or the Moon ? Photo of 1st Jan '07 afternoon at about 3:45 pm, Gurgaon.

The sun was not visible. When I went out in the afternoon, it was visible for a short duration and that, too, it looked like the moon and not the sun. Here are some more photos on Flickr, taken by me on 1st Jan.'07, of the fog.

Foggy afternoon at Gurgaon, 1st Jan'07

The buildings next of our office building, which are very clearly visible on normal days, were barely visible though the thick fog today. So the New Year started for me with work.. and fog. Should I interpret it that beyond the fog, there are bright and sunny day waiting to unfold in the days to come :) ?

So, another year has gone by and a new year has come - with new hope and expectations, and with the unknown. I have been greeting people on the new year with the following wish (adopted) which I liked and the same I do to all of you out there .. and for myself, too.

"All that you dreamed but didn’t dare to do,
All that you hoped but did not will,
All the faith that you claimed but did not have,
May you have all these in the coming year. "

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Life said...


Nice pics of nainital and also taken from ur office...

i know its very chilly in delhi in this month..i have been in delhi during these days long back and i still miss those days