Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Weekend at Nainital

Lake at Nainital on the morning of 25th Dec.'06

It was Christmas weekend and still we did not have any holiday at office except on Sunday, which was a weekly off. Yet, decided to take leave and go for an outing. We drove to Nainital - including me there were five adults and two kids. It was a long long drive but as it was last minute planning, no train tickets were available.

First day was quite pleasant and sunny at Nainital. Second day was cold and chilling but we enjoyed the cold, too. The hotel where we stayed had a nice scenic view of the lake. Soon, I will be uploading some photos of the trip. Have been quite occupied with lots of things to blog, and I won't call this post a proper one !

In the meanwhile, I read a quotation and really liked it :

"Every time something good happens to you, make something good happen to someone else."