Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mumbai Trip

I am writing here after quite a long gap. Life has been really busy with all the travelling, increasing work pressure and late working hours at office.
I went to attend the 'Intex' garment and accessories fair in Mumbai on 6th and 7th April. It was after almost four and half years that I went to Mumbai since I had left from there. The moment I stepped out of the aircraft, my palms were moist and there it was... I was in Mumbai !
One thing that I had not liked about Mumbai was the humidity there and specially durring the summer. Mumbai did not seem to have changed much. The spirit of Mumbai, the rush hours, the local trains, the busy lives, all seemed to be the same. Only I felt as if I had slowed down as compared to Mumbai's fast paced life... although personally my life is much more hectic now than it was in Mumbai.
Also got to meet some old friends and relatives there and it was a good time spent with them and all the kids there. My first short trip to Pune during the weekend, specially the bus drive via Lonavala was also good.
Back from there and again a lot of the pending work to take care of that was waiting for me to come back !!