Monday, February 27, 2006

A Cloudy Sunday Evening

Gurgaon, 26 Feb '06, Sunday

Wow ! What a pleasant weather it was this Sunday. I was tempted to take some pictures during sunset. After a long time it seems I spent a whole day at home. Enjoyed it .. specially with the lovely weather.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Art: 'After Study'

Title : 'AFTER STUDY' (1997)
Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi Award at the state level
17th Annual Students’ Art Exhibition, Jaipur, 1997.
This is a digital photograph of one of my awarded artwork when I was in college - this photograph taken now almost eight years after it was awarded. Many thanks to the Fine Art Department of my college who kept this safe in their custody for so many years ... I recently brought it back from my college.
This is a 'collage' made of kite-paper. When I had created it, I had not expected it to last so long, at least not the colors of the colorful kite-papers. Surprisingly enough for me, it HAS lasted so long :-) . The colors might have faded somewhat but very little and is not very apparent.
Looking at this and some old artwork and paintings from my college days I feel like going back to the world of art and paintings and creativity ... maybe sometime in future life when money and job is less important than it is now !!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Art and Creativity

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
- Scott Adams

How true and inspiring I had found these lines when I had read this a few years back and even now I find these lines very motivating.

Till the time one experiments with new ideas, creates something out of a new idea, one might not know the worth of it. We were often taught and inspired in Art and Fashion institutes to think, to create something, keep creating till you are satisfied with some of your work. How a rough sketch from a vague idea or a scribbled life sketch can turn into a beautiful work of art, be it in the form of a painting, a 'collage', a print, a graphic... or any other form of art, used to be so amazing. What a world of difference there is from the initial rough sketches to the final work of art ! Inspiration, imagination, visualisation and creative expression - all form a part of the creative process.

We keep trying to find short-cuts in life. How seldom we remeber the lessons learnt in schools and colleges while going through life !! Yet How true many of these lessons seem to be when related to the practicalities of life. If only we could remember all the lessons learnt !

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Age Dawn

The evening is here.
The stars light up the sky.
The sun sets
Behind the horizon.
The birds fly back
To their nests.
The night falls
And embraces the darkness.
It is time to rest,
Time to sleep.
Nature rests.

But the city awakens.
Awakens as if
The life begins now,

As if this is
The new age dawn.
As if man has created
Another life
Against nature.

-Seema Kumar
9th Feb'06

Friday, February 03, 2006

More Photos from NIFT Fashion Spectrum, Delhi

It was good to see the Fashion Show designed, choreographed, modelled and presented by students. Good Job.

The confusions and preparations at the back-stage, the glamour of the ramp, the hard-work of the designers ... was a spectator of all this and in some ways participant as well.

Some more photos for the 1st day at Fashion Spectrum are here