Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fashion spectrum at NIFT

Today I went to NIFT, Delhi and was reminded about my own days at NIFT.

NIFT Fasion Spectrum is going to start tomorrow till 3rd Feb and today I had gone there as a part of a sponsoring company, Malwa. Not as a student. Looking at the busy students, the preparation for the Fashion show and other events, the enthusiasm, etc. all reminded me of of the days when I was at NIFT.

When you first think about these fashion or design institutes, the fashion shows, etc., its simply gets associated with fashion and glamour. A layman would probably have a very rosy picture about the whole thing. Only when you actully go there or get closely associated with these things, you come to know about the hard work and the sweat, the sleepless nights, the endless effort put together behind the glamour and the ramp.

It specially reminded me of my own Design Collection for the final Fashion Show.... and the sleepless nights spent at NIFT re-stitching the garments for the show after I had received the comments from the Jury. If it would not have been for my parents and grandfather who were coming all the way to Mumbai just to see the fashion Show and my final collection, I would probably not have had the patience and courage to re-do the whole collection in the last 2-3 days. many thanks to the 2-3 friends who helped me with my collecteion in spite of them being busy with their own collection as well.

Later on I don't know how many times the thought had crossed my mind if I could have had a second chance to do my Final Design Collection, what all I would have done. But like someone has said.. Time and tide waits for none. And you always don't get a second chance.

Although I am from NIFT, Mumbai, but have always been associated with NIFT, Delhi, more so because we were from the first batch of Knitwear Design and Technology (KDT) at Mumbai. Being the first batch of this course in Mumbai, we faced a lot of teething problems and we used to look towards NIFT, Delhi for solutions.

Looking at the students today, I felt like becoming a student again ! Tomorrow the Fashion Spectrum begins and I wish all the NIFTians all the best and a great time.

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