Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earthquake on 16th April 2013

Experienced another earthquake a short while ago in Gurgaon, just like another earthquake experience earlier. Was on 6th floor and by the time realised and went down the stairs with my colleagues, the tremors had stopped. Did not record the exact time but it was shortly before 4:30 pm on 16th Jan.

Hope everyone around is safe. 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Photographs from a Botanical Garden - 1

One day, I was talking to my little daughter, student of grade 2, and realised that she does not get to see birds and animals in the concrete jungle of metropolitan cities where we live, other than the zoo. She gets very few opportunities to go to rural and natural surroundings and that may not be enough for her to recognise birds, animals, plants and trees, etc. As children, in smaller towns, we were much closer to nature than we are here.

One fine morning in early March, we decided to go for bird-watching at sunrise. I took my daughter along with my cousin and mother-in-law to a nearby botanical garden. It was a pleasant weather, neither hot, nor too cold. Saw a few birds, the names and details of which were given by my cousin who is a research student in Environmental Sciences. However, I enjoyed seeing and taking photographs of some flowers, plants and trees. Posting a few photographs here and more in next email. I have also posted some photographs on my facebook page.

Sunny Orange Flowers

Pretty Pink Flowers

'Holi', the festival of colours was just around the corner.When I see the 'Palash' or 'Flame of the Forest' flowers, they always remind me of the Holi season and how as children we used to try making colours using the flower petals.
The fire red 'Palash' or 'Flame of the Forest' flowers
Photos: © Seema Kumar
Camera: Nikon D5100
Date clicked: 3rd March 2013