Friday, July 27, 2012

Rural Sunrise

Foggy Dawn - this is just before sunrise
What a wonderful experience to see the dawn and the sunrise, which we people living in cities miss ! Some time back I had gone to my native village, just for a day. I wanted to experience the peaceful sunrise in rural settings, the sun rising from beyond the mango orchards and the fields. I woke up early morning, at dawn and captured a few moments at dawn. I did not have SLR camera at that time, yet I just wanted to capture the mood of daybreak. Though these photographs are nothing as compared to the breathtaking view and the feeling of morning freshness that I experienced there, posting a few photographs here.  

It was winter and foggy and I can still feel the cool morning breeze when I think about that morning. Wish we  had such mornings, the dawn and sunrise views even in the cities and not just the view of the buildings and the  reflected sunlight from glass windowpanes.
Sunrise - beyond the trees

All Photos © Seema Kumar
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