Thursday, November 24, 2011

Film WITH LOVE, DELHI! releasing in theaters across India on 16th December 2011

Am very happy to share here that the film WITH LOVE, DELHI! is releasing in theaters across India on 16th December, 2011. My last post had talked about the movie in more detail about the making of the movie, the cast and crew, etc. Visit to see the music video, 1st look trailer, synopsis and other info for the same.

In this post, I am very happy to share the music video of the film WITH LOVE, DELHI!. Do have a look and leave your valuable feedback and comments about the song and the movie. We look forward to see you in theaters on 16th December, 2011, watching the movie.

You can also click directly on the YouTube link to see the video:

Credits and Info for the music video of the film WITH LOVE, DELHI!:

  • Director - Ashutosh Matela
  • Music Director - Sanjoy Chowdhury
  • Lyrics - Amitabh Varma
  • Singers - Shaan & Sarika Lal
  • Actors - Ashish Lal & Apurva Lamba
  • DOP - Premanand
  • Choreographers - Gaurav Ahlawat & Amit Verlani (Danz N Buzz)
  • Art Director - Sunil Chhabra
  • VFX Team - Rashmi Ranjan, Rohit Sharma & Varun Chakrabarty
  • 3D Animators - Rohit Gururani & Abhinav Sharma
  • Costume Designer/ Fashion Stylist: Seema Kumar (yes, this is me!)
  • Banner - RedMat Reves Films Pvt. Ltd.

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